Single Use Plastic Alternatives

In these days of climate crisis, we need to consider what the most important things are that we can easily do to help the environment. It’s important that the things we do are easily attained, so that we actually do them, as opposed to thinking we’d like to do them, but not doing so.

For instance, plastic straws have quite rightly had a lot of bad press recently. We use billions of plastic straws across the world, and they can take 200 years to decompose in the natural environment. Not only that, but they’re very dangerous to wildlife when they enter the eco-system. Who can forget the harrowing video of the turtle screaming as a plastic straw was being pulled from it’s nostril. Happily, there are plastic free alternatives to plastic straws. Re-usable options include bamboo and steel straws (which require a bit of cleaning after every use. Disposable alternatives are waxed paper straws, which will happily decompose even in your garden composting bin!

For a wide range of alternatives to single use plastics, including alternatives to plastic cutlery, plastic lined coffee cups, Single Use Alternatives a UK based company offer a buying consortium for coffee shop owners, cafe owners and street caterers to be able to offer alternative food containers and cups at the same price as regular plastic ones.

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