Specialist co packing services can help you improve your green credentials

golden-candy-box-1471313Over the last ten years the amount of packaging used on a range of products has been reduced significantly. Product packaging has been improved and developed with the aim of creating a ‘less is more’ approach, so making sure that you use the right product packaging made from recycled materials is a good way to reduce packaging costs whilst improving your environmental credentials.

Although reducing the packaging of your products might seem like a great idea in principle, the realities of cutting down on packaging can prove to be something of a challenge. However, a wide range of co packing companies now offer reduced packing services, designed to package products effectively with the minimum of packing materials.

Using less product packaging brings a range of benefits including the use of fewer raw materials, a reduction in transport costs, storage costs and greenhouse gas emissions. This is not only good for the environment; it’s good for your business too! The co packing sector has an excellent track record for innovation: the public now expects to see packaging resources used efficiently and co packing companies around the UK have risen to this challenge by developing new ways to cut down on product packaging.

Packaging plays a huge role in our daily lives. It protects almost everything we eat, use and wear on the journey from production, via warehouses, factories and shops through to our homes or offices. Product packaging is also important for increasing the shelf life of products and allows us to keep our food fresher for longer. There’s no doubt that packaging is incredibly useful – until we need to get rid of it.

According to a number of surveys carried out over the last decade, consumers believe that packaging is the main environmental problem in relation to the products they buy and use. When consumers are asked how this situation can improved, less packaging and more recycled, recyclable or biodegradable packaging are top of their wish list.

With this in mind, you’re likely to be wondering how you can reduce and improve the packaging of your products. The good news is that there are a wide range of simple steps that you can take to reduce product packaging and that any reductions you make will also lead to savings on packaging costs. For example, one of the world’s biggest fizzy drinks manufacturers reduced the weight of their soft drinks cans by just 5%. Now this might not sound like much but it’s interesting to note that this enabled the manufacturer to reduce the weight of their packaging by a staggering 15,000 tonnes across Europe alone.

It’s not just reducing the amount of packaging that can make a big difference as making simple changes to the design and shape of packaging can really help too. A well-known frozen pizza manufacturer changed the design of their pizza boxes to improve the way the boxes could be stacked. Again this seems like a small step that’s unlikely to make any difference at all, but you’ll be interested to discover that this enabled the company to cut one million transport miles per year.
Although simple changes to the way in which a product is packaged can help you save time, money and your impact upon the environment, it’s important to work with a specialist co packing company to find the most appropriate solution.

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