Can the colour of product packaging be used to encourage customers to buy?

Most businesses know that the design and look of the packaging they use for their products can help influence customers’ purchase decisions and help to set a brand apart from the competition. However, many are unaware of the importance of using the right colours in product packaging.

Product branding is all down to the look of a product and with this in mind, the colours you use can prove to be a very useful way to create the right image and attract buyers. Simply choosing your favourite colour can be a mistake and before deciding which colour or colours to use, there are a number of things you’ll need to take into consideration.

First and foremost, you need to keep the image of your target consumer at the forefront of your mind. Points to think about are: what motivates your target customer to buy? How old are they? Are they male or female? Which social group are they from? Armed with this information you’ll then need to think about the message you’d like your product packaging to portray: are you offering a feel-good factor? Are your products aimed at more serious customers? Is it designed to help with a problem or is it a luxury item, designed to given as a gift? The colour you choose will help you send out the right message and attract the customers who are most likely to buy.

It can be very tempting to dismiss colour psychology but studies have shown that consumers make many choices every day, based simply upon the colours of the products they choose. Using black packaging is a good way to make your products stand out, whilst also portraying authority and power. Black packaging will also make your product look more expensive and weightier; giving consumers a higher perceived value. On the one hand black can be used to add elegance and sophistication but on the other will give off a mysterious feeling.

White is, of course, the complete reverse and white packaging relates to innocence, cleanliness, purity, simplicity or peace. White packaging is often seen as a very safe choice but by using splashes of colour, it’s possible to create a whole range of different messages. For example, adding red will make your product more eye-catching whilst black decoration will give a feeling of luxury or sophistication.

Using unusual or creatively designed packaging is a great way to set your products apart from competitors. Don’t be afraid to use colour but it is worth bearing in mind that by using lots of colours, your product is unlikely to be perceived as being frivolous. This is fine if it’s what you want but it’s usually best to stick to a combination of just two colours.

Of course there is a huge range of colours available for product packaging and whether you’d like to use a vibrant red or purple, or think muted pastel tones might be more appropriate, using the services of a specialist design agency is one of the best ways to ensure you make the right choice when it comes to the colour of your product packaging.

What is contract packing?

bottles-1414654If you’re in the early stages of setting up your own business the chances are that you’ll have started to put some thought to how you’re going to package your products. The world of packaging can prove to be a minefield for the uninitiated and if you’re feeling a little daunted, hopefully this article will shed some light on the world of contract packing and packaging services.

Contract packing is simply a cover-all term used to describe a range of packaging services, from gift packing for special events, through to hand packing and the assembly of packaged goods into point of sale displays. Contract packing services (also referred to as ‘co packing‘) are offered by a range of professional packing companies such as and others based throughout the UK and by knowing which types of packaging services are available; you’ll be well on the way to finding the best packaging for your product.

The services offered by contract packing companies vary hugely according to the size and scope of their operation. However, bagging services are widely offered and involve filling and then sealing pre-printed or clear bags with products such as sweets, crisps or snacks. Bagging can also be used to package a number of smaller items such as toys, safety razors or household items.

You might come across contract packing companies who offer a multi-head weighing service, designed to be used in combination with a bagging service. Highly controllable computerised weighing machines are used to fill and then weigh bags to ensure complete consistency across each bagging ‘run’.

Flow wrapping is a highly cost effective way to pack multiple products together and is often used contain and protect items for insertion in a box or rigid outer-packaging. Flow wrapping is also ideal for wrapping small items for inclusion with larger items – think of the free gifts you often find in boxes of breakfast cereals – and can also be used to package food products or cosmetics.

Shrink wrapping is a way to wrap several items together, either for display or to reduce the risk of damage in transit or from tampering. Shrink wrapping products can also be used to attach a promotional item or a free gift to another item. Overwrapping is used to protect an inner package -usually cardboard – and can help to extend the shelf-life of the product within, whilst also being an effective way to contain the smell of highly scented products or perfume.

Point of sale assembly is a service which can be used to group items together for display, either at a supermarket checkout, on the end of an aisle or mid-shelf, behind a bar or on a counter or customer-service desk. The most widely used form of point of sale packaging is clip-stripping where bagged items are suspended from a plastic strip, ready for sale.

This article covers just some of the wide range of contract packing services available in the UK. If you would like further advice on the most appropriate packaging for your product, why not get in touch with a contract packing company near you?